Welcome to Cool Twists Frozen Creations

Cool Twists is now CLOSED for the remainder of the Fall and Winter Seasons. Thank you all for a GREAT first season!


Cool Twists is an expression of your own creativity, wrapped in luscious frozen yogurt. Independently owned by mother-daughter team Rhea and Jaimie Lastick, these two art enthusiasts enjoy bridging the gap of a sweet tooth and good eye.

With 10 flavors, 5 twists, and over 30 toppings, Cool Twists boasts only the best gourmet frozen soft-serve desserts and toppings made with premium quality ingredients.

It’s as simple as 1,2,3

With thousands of combinations.

Cool Twists Flavors
cool twists toppings
Cool Twists Frozen Yogurt Phoenixville
New Addition to Cool Twists: Affogatos


Affogato: In Italian, the word means “drowned.” This creative beverage is a combination of your favorite frozen yogurt topped with a fresh shot of hot espresso. You can add whipped cream and cinnamon too!